About our real estate agency

Our real estate agency located in Greece offers many services. We can help you to find the property of your dreams in Greece. Our agents are expert to find the right property for you in Athens, Cyclades, an many more places.

Our mission

Our main mission is to find the right property for your needs and budget. Our agents are dedicated to find the right property for you in Greece.

Whether you're looking for a house, apartment or commercial space, IBPG can help you. Our agents are specialists in the Greek market and will find you the ideal property.

Our agents benefit from an extensive network of contacts and a large catalog of properties located throughout Greece. Whether you're looking in the Greek capital, Athens, or in the Cyclades, our agents can help.

Properties found

Our services

IBPG offers comprehensive real estate services, including precise property valuation, strategic marketing, legal consultation, and premium property management. We provide tailored support to buyers, sellers, and investors, ensuring seamless transactions and maximum visibility for high-demand listings in Greece's vibrant real estate market.

Property Valuation and Marketing
We will assess your property at its true market value and promote the listing for sale or rent using various channels such as signs and our website to ensure optimal visibility.
Legal Advisory and Consultation
We provide guidance on essential procedures, including energy certification and electrical compliance. We also offer legal advice on transactions, ensuring security and adherence to Greek legislation.
Exclusive Property Management
Our expertise includes premium property listings, from seaside residences to luxurious villas with pools, using advanced digital marketing to reach an international audience seeking exclusivity.
Comprehensive Support for Buyers and Renters
We will define your criteria, present relevant properties, accompany you on visits, and assist with negotiations and contract signing, keeping you informed of any new opportunities.
Property Management Services
We handle property management and syndicate services for building owners while advising investors on building projects, maximizing your real estate investment opportunities.
Advanced Digital Marketing
We utilize cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, including targeted social media campaigns, high-quality virtual tours, and SEO-optimized content, to connect your property with the most relevant buyers and renters, maximizing exposure in the competitive Greek market.